Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation

We work with Indigenous communities across Alberta to invest in natural resources, agriculture, telecommunication, and transportation projects.

Accessing the capital to invest is no longer a barrier.

With up to $1 billion in loan guarantees available, we enable access to capital, make financing more affordable and improve lending terms to create economic prosperity and social improvements in communities – not only for the short term but also for generations to come.

A Path to Community Prosperity

Alberta is abundant with natural resources and opportunities for responsible, sustainable development. We are here to help support Indigenous-led investment in natural resources, agriculture, telecommunications, and transportation projects and related infrastructure.

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The first step is reaching out – we would be happy to connect with you to discuss your project, answer any questions you might have, and get you pointed in the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum allowable investment that may be supported through the program?


$20 million. This does not mean that Indigenous groups are required to have this level of equity in the project. Projects requiring loan guarantees of less than $20 million will not be considered.

Are investments made by Indigenous groups located outside of Alberta eligible for support?


Yes, provided they meet the definition of “Indigenous group” in the AIOC Act and they are partnered with one or more Alberta-based Indigenous groups collectively investing at least 25% of the total value.

Are investments made by entities that are partially or entirely owned by Indigenous entrepreneurs eligible?


No, investments must be made by entities that are 100% owned by Indigenous communities to be eligible for support.

If an investment is eligible, is it certain to receive a loan guarantee?


No, whether to issue, and the amount of, a loan guarantee is at the sole discretion of AIOC.

What is the benefit of having an AIOC loan guarantee on an investment?


When an investor borrows money to finance an investment, a loan guarantee can be used to reduce the costs of borrowing, increase the amount borrowed, and therefore invested, or both.