Guidelines & Applications

Program Guidelines

Our Program Guidelines help us to effectively review and evaluate potential investment opportunities so that we can help communities open and maintain reliable income streams.

Loan Guarantee Investment Program

The Loan Guarantee Investment Program Guidelines cover the criteria and eligibility for financial support for proposed project investment. Download Here

Capacity Grant Program

The Capacity Grant Program Guidelines are designed for Indigenous groups who may need to access third-party advice and expertise relevant to the assessment and development of a potential project. It will also help you as you build the capacity to manage interests in a specific project. Download Here


Loan Guarantee Investment Program

Loan Guarantee Pre-Application Form. Download Here

Capacity Grant Program

A Capacity Grant Application can only be submitted together with a Loan Guarantee Pre-Application.

Capacity Grant Application Form. Download Here


How to Submit

First download/save a PDF form to your computer or network drive, and then open it with Adobe Reader and fill it in. You can save your form and re-open it later to modify or enter additional information.

Complete form and compile any supplemental documentation. To limit duplication, applicants are encouraged to reference documents they have included as appendices, rather than restating or recreating information in the body of the forms.

Email us at when you're ready to submit. We want to ensure your information is secure. That’s why you’ll be receiving a secure link to upload your documents. 


Thank you to those of you who offered insight and guidance during the initial days of establishing the AIOC. Your future investments will contribute to stronger families and communities, and to the economic recovery of our natural resource sector.