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Beginning Your Application

At this point, you have reviewed our eligibility guidelines, assessed our selection criteria, and have connected with our team to have your questions answered.

Step 1: Application

Our Loan Guarantee Application allows us to assess your project and determine if we will be a good fit working together. We accept these on an ongoing basis. 

What You’ll Need To Do

Step 01: Download

Download the Loan Guarantee Application below.

Step 02: Complete

Open the file with Adobe Reader and complete the form. Compile any supporting documents to include with your submission.

We encourage you to reference documents included as appendices, rather than restating or recreating information in the body of the form.

Step 03: Email

Email us at for a secure upload link when you’re ready to submit.

We want to ensure your information is secure. That’s why you’ll be receiving a secure link to upload your documents.

Step 2: Capacity Grant Application

As part of your Loan Guarantee Application, you may also want to apply for capacity support. To support deal development, AIOC has a pool of discretionary funds to provide access to technical support on qualified project opportunities.    

The Capacity Grant Application can only be submitted together with a Loan Guarantee Pre-Application.

What is Capacity Support?