We move through a comprehensive application process that helps us make sure your project is a good fit and is set-up for long-term success.

Who Can Apply

Applications may be submitted by a single Alberta-based Indigenous group or a consortium. In the case of a consortium, at least one Alberta-based Indigenous group must be a participating investor and constitute at least 25% of the total proposed Indigenous investment.

Any of the following groups are eligible:

  • Indigenous groups, as defined by the Indian Act
  • Metis Settlements as established by the Metis Settlements Act
  • Métis groups as defined by regulation
  • Other entities the Minister of Indigenous Relations approves as fitting within the AIOC mandate
  • Entities fully owned by the groups identified above
  • Energy (oil and gas, renewable energy, power, and coal)
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications

Your project must be commercially viable

This means that it is supported by well-defined and risk-acceptable business and financial plans, strong business models, detailed transaction terms, supporting professional industry and risk analyses, reasonable and appropriate budgeted costs and assumptions, comprehensive due diligence, etc.

Location Restrictions

Projects can be in Alberta, other provinces or territories, so long as they benefit Alberta.

Indigenous groups outside of Alberta can also qualify for AIOC support. They need to partner with at least one Alberta-based Indigenous community that has at least 25 percent of the total proposed Indigenous investment.