Selection Criteria

What Are We Looking For?

There are many factors to consider when reviewing applications. To help you determine if your project would be a good fit for our Loan Guarantee Program, please review some of our selection criteria listed below.

Benefits to Indigenous Communities and Alberta

  • What are the expected benefits for, and for how many, Indigenous communities?
  • Is your project environmentally sustainable?
  • Will the investment result in additional opportunities for Indigenous communities?
  • Is your community receiving a commercially appropriate share or benefit from the proposed investment?
  • Are diversity or inclusiveness considerations or benefits present (e.g., gender)?

Commercial and Investment Viability

  • What is the assessed viability of the project and does it demonstrate reasonable risk-adjusted commercial terms?
  • Have environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations been taken into account in assessing business risks and expected returns from the project?
  • What is the level of your direct investment in the proposed project?
  • Have all appropriate laws and legislation been adhered to for the project?
  • Do you have well-defined and risk-acceptable business and financial plans, viable business models, detailed transaction terms, supporting professional industry and risk analyses, reasonable and appropriate budgeted costs and assumptions, comprehensive due diligence, etc.?

Skill and Expertise

  • What is the demonstrated skill, expertise, track record, diversity, and governance of the individuals, management team, industry partners, contractors, etc., who comprise, or are associated with, the project’s management team and third-party co-investor(s)?
  • What is the legal and professional expertise and experience supporting the applicant and what is the governance structure of the applicant? AIOC will have a preference for highly qualified professional support and stable governance.
  • What are the current ongoing business activities and experience of the entities comprising the applicant and will the capacity exist within the applicant(s) to manage the investment in the project?

Overall Strength of the Application

  • Is the proposed investment being made on reasonable commercial terms?
  • Are relevant project agreements in place (e.g., term sheets, permits, construction, supply, management, partnership or joint venture, etc.)?
  • Is confirmation of support from the Indigenous community available (e.g., Band Council Resolution, Council Resolution, Board Resolution, etc.)?
  • What are key milestones and the overall intended timeline, and how will they be achieved (i.e., has a project plan and investment timeline been defined)?
  • What risk mitigation measures are in place (e.g., regulatory, operational, financial, etc.)?

Review all Selection Criteria in full in our Loan Guarantee Investment Program Guidelines.

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