The Program

We Remove Barriers

A growing number of Indigenous communities see sustainable resource development as a path to community prosperity. Accessing the capital to invest in major projects has been a barrier. The AIOC changes that. We are creating positive outcomes for both Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Alberta’s natural resources sectors.

Available Resources

With up to $1 billion in loan guarantees, we help to reduce the cost of capital for Indigenous groups and make it easier to raise capital to invest in natural resource projects.

We also have limited capacity supports available to help you connect with investment experts to assess large-scale investments. From legal advice to financial due diligence, support is available.


Eligible projects need to be commercially viable. They can be in any of these sectors:

  • Energy (oil and gas, renewable energy, power, and coal)
  • Mining
  • Forestry

To maximize returns for Indigenous communities, AIOC will consider proposals that have a minimum $20 million Indigenous investment in the project. AIOC support is designed to assist Indigenous communities access the needed capital. 

Who Can Access Services

AIOC can work with any of these groups:

  • Indigenous groups, as defined by the Indian Act
  • Metis Settlements as established by the Metis Settlements Act
  • Métis groups as defined by regulation
  • Other entities the Minister of Indigenous Relations approves as fitting within the AIOC mandate
  • Entities fully owned by the groups identified above


Location Restrictions

Projects can be in Alberta, other provinces or territories, so long as they benefit Alberta’s natural resource sector.

Indigenous groups outside of Alberta can also qualify for AIOC support. They need to partner with at least one Alberta Indigenous community that has at least 25 percent of the total Indigenous ownership of the project.